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July 13 - July 20th, 2023

Revel & Rebirth: A St. Lucian Carnival Retreat for Birth Workers & Friends is happening this July on the beautiful island of St. Lucia!

This is an invitation to discard any superficial ideas of carnival you might hold and explore healing, transformation, and resistance more deeply. 

We are especially excited to gather other birth workers for this experience because of the clear link between the resistance inherent in the work we do, specifically in the name of Black life and the resistance to colonialism that our ancestors across the diaspora exercised as revelers, playing mas. 


Intentions for the Experience

  • Cultivate JOY 

  • Revel in the celebration of your life, our lives

  • Release stagnant energy 

  • Rebirth clarity of purpose

  • Learn from local birth workers and herbalists

  • Practice CARE. Of self and community.

  • Contribute to The Birth Workers' Healing Justice Oral History Project

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Birth work for Black people is about reclaiming the rich and deep wisdom of our ancestors, some of whom led the charge in the fields of midwifery, caregiving and herbalism across the diaspora.


Carnival holds similar symbolism in that it serves as the highest form of expression where resistance to colonial influence and oppression are concerned. Carnival is the opportunity our ancestors created to shed the burdensome trauma of enslavement and usher in the rebirth of a spirit healed and anew.

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Retreat Schedule

We are working with Xuvo to provide carnival costumes. 

Interested in joining us? Email for more info.

Note on Pricing

The following costs will be additional: 

  • Airfare to St. Lucia (UVF)

  • Optional excursions

  • Daily lunch and dinner

  • Hotel accommodations (includes breakfast)

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Revel and Rebirth Logo Files V3.png

Invest in Healing Justice.

Invest in Black Life.

We estimate the total cost of this experience to be $100,000. This covers the cost of airfare, participation in carnival, hiring a production crew to document this moment; daily meals; hotel accommodations; and in-country transportation for 20 birth workers.

To date, we have received $10,000 in sponsorship.  Our big vision goal is to cover the cost of this experience for all who take part!

Will you invest in our vision of healing today?


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