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Sésé, Birthing Freedom

is a Bronx-based cooperative providing doula services, movement classes and educational workshops for people before, during and after childbirth. Sésé also offers mentorship and consulting services to individuals and organizations wanting to integrate birth justice into their work.

Sésé’s mission is to birth freedom. From our Black women founders and members to our clients, their partners and the children they birth, we want freedom for us all.  Through the support we provide to individuals and families during pregnancy and as they welcome in new life, we strive to meet this aim.  Through the sharing of educational resources and pro-Black, human rights centered frameworks, we strive to meet this aim. Lastly, it is through the investment in community-centered ventures and continual healing by way of an intentional re-focusing on our collective wellness, we will meet this aim. 

Why Sésé?

'Sésé' means sister in St. Lucian Creole. As our name implies, we believe that ALL people deserve a sisterly presence throughout pregnancy and childbirth.  It is for this reason that we are based in the Bronx, NY, a notoriously underserved borough of NYC with some of the city's worst infant and maternal mortality rates.   Just as a sister would, Sésé seeks to meet people where they are.  

To that end, Sésé provides not only doula support, but also prenatal yoga and dance, and educational workshops to birthing and parenting people, as well as birth justice-minded mentorship and consulting services to individuals and organizations.


Sésé Birthing Freedom

Based in the Bronx, NY

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