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Free Futures

Sésé, Birthing Freedom contributes to and elevates existing work geared toward the liberation of Black people and other oppressed groups around the globe.

Bx (Re)Birth and Progress seeks to build alternate solutions outside of the system that protect and honor birthing people in the Bronx and their families. They center Black people in their vision to see themselves free of systemic inequities by invoking the self-determination of past and current liberation movement leaders. Sésé, Birthing Freedom is a founding Bx (Re)Birth and Progress collective member.  Please consider donating to their mutual aid fund.


Birth Sent Lisi

The Birth Sent Lisi project was launched with a mission to inform, educate and support birthing people in Saint Lucia by providing access to maternal health services during pregnancy, labor and postpartum period. The project aims to work closely with existing community resources and encourage people giving birth in Saint Lucia to know their reproductive rights, be active decision-makers in their birthing experiences and have more positive birth experiences. While the vast majority of families have no access to pain management and private laboring rooms- the hospital staff are incredible and supportive but unfortunately understaffed.  Sésé, Birthing Freedom stands in community as a close partner to BSL.

Please support the efforts of BSL by donating here. 

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